The Vinitaly event dedicated to wine lovers is scheduled from 7 April 11th




The complete program of events, shows and tastings is online www.vinitalyandthecity.com

Verona, 25 March 2017 - After the success of 2016, with over 29mile attendance, back in the old town of Verona the most eagerly awaited by wine lover. Since Friday 7 See you Tuesday 11 April is staged Vinitaly and the City, The outdoor show organized by Veronafiere in collaboration with City and Province of Verona, Studioventisette, Off-Fair, Fmedia and Aida Foundation. The new edition comes with a day more than the four the previous year and for the first time come without the border of the city and landed on the shores of Lake Garda in City of Bardolino, by partnering with Fondazione Bardolino Top.

Verona and its province for five days, then the purple dye Vinitaly: not only wine&food quality, but music, literature, poetry, shows and meetings in large company that guests tell the world of wine through history, the art, Fashion, design and journalism. Saturday, then, during the Purple Night, opening up to 24 in the city center for businesses that host themed events with wine as its theme.

«This is an initiative that strengthens the bond between the Fair, city ​​and province - comments Maurizio Danese, President of VeronaFiere Spa –, involving institutions, Important partners and public and private sponsors, without forgetting the economic fabric, with shops and locals who have joined the project. With Vinitaly and the City, we have created a prestigious new opportunity to promote the region and its excellences, while diversifying the offer is addressed to professionals attending Vinitaly from that designed for young people and wine lovers. It is a formula that appeals to the public and businesses, easily exportable to other Italian cities and abroad».



Vinitaly and the City is a popular event, who has his heart in Piazza dei Signori and Cortile Mercato Vecchio where sommeliers farts accompany wine lover to discover the best Italian wines offered by consortia of protection and cellars. They are in care of I love Italian Food, instead, tastings food of excellence 100% Italian, while Loggia di Fra 'Giocondo e la Loggia Antica become exclusive lounge to listen to stories and stories related to the tradition and the Italian wine culture. La Loggia di Fra 'Giocondo, particularly, hosts Sources d'Autore, with the exception of such narrators Bruno Vespa, Valerio Massimo Manfredi, West, Camila Raznovich and Marina Ripa di Meana presenting to the public their latest publications.

In the nearby Courtyard of the Old Market It is music to be a leader, with live performances of the most popular voices in the music scene as Irene Grandi, Joe Bastianich and it your band, Michele Bravi, Picks, Federico Zampaglione to name a few, not forgetting the dj set Ringo with Virgin Radio and Luke Burden along with David Polettini of Radio Montecarlo, Official radio event (concerts organized in partnership with FMedia).

Moving to the nearby Piazza delle Erbe, the top of Torre dei Lamberti It offers the thrill of a unique tasting overlooking the Verona panorama over 80 meters high.

The Tower is not the only monument in Verona touched by Vinitaly and the City. Thanks to Art and Flavors Tour e a Taste & Visit, organized in collaboration with Off-Fair along with the restaurant owners of the old town, You can learn about the cultural and historical sights of the UNESCO heritage city. A genuine traveling food and wine event, to discover beautiful places with the help of professional tour guides (info point dedicated in Piazza Bra).

The off-reserve living special attention also to fans of wine bio - from a niche product to real trend - with Biologic, from the Earth to the Road, in the halls of 'Arsenal Austria. A review carried out together with Studioventisette where the organic wine, biodynamic and natural combines the taste of street food gourmet version due to better Foodtruck din all Italy. To accompany the tasting of Biologic rich program of concerts, talks and workshops on topics closely related to the wine and food world: a real festival with entertainment and interest paths that take place within the halls of the Arsenale. The main focus of this second edition is music with Trio Fernandez, Briganti of Folk, The Desperate Circus Music, songwriter Alberto Molon, i Canova, Elli de Mon and Home. Also on stage Massimo Bubola, special guest of the regional selection for the Veneto Prize De Andrè. A Biologic also food and wine travel stories told by guests and authors such as Francesco Marras, Titian Gaia, Francesco Antonelli or food-blogger Sara Porro. For the public there is no shortage showcooking and workshops to rediscover the ancient military recipes for cakes and broccoli of Custoza, or learn how to make wine labels hand-drawn.

As for the Vinitaly sponsors and the City, the Agsm Group He has set up in Piazza dei Signori lounge area where promote services within the project Smart City Verona, especially the wifi city network (freewifi@verona) Verona usable thanks to the innovative Smart App.

AMT, instead, offers visitors a shuttle bus runs every ten minutes to connect the Park Center (ex Gasometro) with Piazza Bra.

Con Vinitaly and the City, finally, Also at the start of a new project involving Veronafiere, the Archaeological Superintendence fine art and landscape of Verona, Rovigo and Vicenza he professional associations Architects and Agronomists on the conservation of the agricultural landscape suited to wine production.




– Piazza Dante - Piazza dei Signori - Loggia di Fra 'Giocondo - Courtyard of the Old Market - Torre dei Lamberti (downtown Verona)

– Piazza Bra - Tour Art and Tastes of the Territory

– Biologic: Arsenal Austria (Central and pavilions court)


– Friday 7 April from 17 to 24

– Saturday 8 is Sunday 9 April from 11 to 24

– Monday 10 Its tuesday 11 April from 17 to 24


PROGRAM EVENTS > online are www.vinitalyandthecity.com

TASTINGS (only paid)

– Piazza dei Signori: 3 consumptions wine and 2 food (15 euro a 13 euro in online promotion to 6 April)

– Arsenal Austria: 3 consumptions wine and 2 food (15 euro a 13 euro in online promotion to 6 April)

– Art Tour and Taste and Flavors & Visit: stages-tasting wine and food comprehensive tourist guide (starting from 15 euro)



– In the city: Piazza Bra (info-point), Arsenal Austrian, Cortile Mercato Vecchio, Piazza dei Signori

– Online: his www.vinitalyandthecity.com




MEDIA PARTNER: Corriere del Veneto


OFFICIAL RADIO: Radio Monte Carlo


Fmedia - Musical events

Twenty-seven Studio - Biologic

I Love Italian Food – food, show cooking

Fisar - exclusive partner for sommeliers

Fondazione Aida / Sips d'Autore - cultural events and meetings with authors / writers

Off-Fair / Apolid group - cultural and gastronomic tour in the city

Bardolino Top Foundation - Vinitaly and the City in Bardolino

Torre dei Lamberti - panoramic tastings

MAIN SPONSOR: adiget – Agsm – catholic – Eurospin- Philip Morris

SPONSOR: office – Diwine Tour – Frau Footwear – Roberto Food Industry

TECHNICAL SPONSORS: Amia – Benchmark Design Group – Communication – Full Sound Service – Larosa Design – Michieli – Over Oven – Vinitaly Wine Club – Zorzi




This year the event grows and, in addition to the heart of Verona, also won Bardolino, one of the most beautiful towns of Lake Garda. same dates (7-11 April) for the lake version of Vinitaly and the City - organized by Veronafiere together with the 'city ​​administration Local and Fondazione Bardolino Top –, with always the protagonist thanks to wine tastings of typical local wine names such as Bardolino, Amarone, Valpolicella, Soave, Custoza e Lugana.


In the historic Villa Carrara Bottagisio with its park and the lakeside Cornicello for five days you can taste the best wines guided by the sommelier farts and accompanied by local dishes.

Not only, the villa garden becomes an open-air museum with art installations and exhibitions, In the evening it also becomes a stage for performances by artists such as Mario Venuti, DaianaLou, Giulio Casale, Disturbance and max Casacci Subsonica.

Each day has a theme which reflects on musical events, on cultural and tastings. It starts Friday with "Ouverture d'Autore", on Songwriters and white wines by the intense fragrance; Saturday it's up to "Wine&Girls”, female voices, bubbles and pink meetings; Sunday "Indie Red Sunday" is dedicated to the Bardolino; Monday, with "A day with a Swing" he dives in the 40's with white sprightly; Tuesday, then, Closing with "Hot Lands" and a jump in the deep red wine in the Veneto region.




– Lungolago Cornicello – Wine & Food

– Villa Carrara Bottagisio – Storytelling e Guided Tastings

– Carrara Bottagisio Park - Live Concerts, Events e Dj Set



– Friday 7 April from 17 to 24

– Saturday 8 is Sunday 9 April from 11 to 24

– Monday 10 Its tuesday 11 April from 17 to 24


Available on www.bardolitop.it e are www.vinitalyandthecity.com


  • Lakeside Cornicello - Pavilions Bardolino, Soave, Custoza, Valpolicella, Lugana. Three ticket drinks wine and two drinks food (15 euro with glass - 10 euro without glass)
  • Villa Carrara Bottagisio - Room Fisar – guided tastings, five wines, 45 minutes (due ticket wine)
  • Villa Carrara Bottagisio - Room Thinking Visible - Storytelling courses with wine tasting, 90 minutes (due ticket wine)

TICKET > Lakeside Cornicello and Villa Carrara Bottagisio

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