The UN Secretary-General’s UNiTE to End Violence against Women


联合国秘书长的联合起来制止暴力侵害妇女行为活动邀请政府, 联合国机构, civil society organizations and individuals
from all countries of the world to mark the days between 25 十一月 10 十二月 (该 16 激进的日子) 由走到一起加紧努力,以结束针对妇女和女童的暴力行为.
We invite you to “ORANGE THE WORLD: END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND GIRLS” BY participating in and organizing “orange events” in support of the UNiTE Campaign.

THIS YEAR WE WANT TO KEEP THE WORLD ORANGE THROUGHOUT THE 16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM and we invite you to consider organizing your activities not only on 25th November but on the other days too.

Join us, take action, orange the world, keep it orange for days, and call for political commitments to be
matched with meaningful ACTION and adequate RESOURCES to end
violence against women and girls worldwide.

You can also share your activities! Here you can find all the information about: