Sportaccord e TAFISA Leadership si incontrano


Sportaccord and TAFISA Leadership and incontrano

A joint meeting was held at the headquarters in Lausanne SportAccord, He invited by SportAccord President and IOC Member Patrick Baumann with the participation of IOC Member Nenad Lalovic President of United World Wrestling, ARISF President Raffaele Chiulli, AIMS member of Michal Buchel Council, AIMS Presidente Stephan Fox e TAFISA Secretary General Wolfgang Baumann.


The meeting was held for the purpose of discussions between SportAccord recognized martial arts and combat sports and TAFISA regarding the organization of martial arts games TAFISA that allowed the participation of unrecognized fighter and martial arts federations. The problem being that some of these federations were neither members nor was SportAccord Wada signatory or WADA compliant. The issue has also been recognized by the IOC.

The meeting was very productive where the TAFISA Secretary General Mr. Baumann, It reported that TAFISA has already decided not to further strive for the organization of combat and martial arts games because of the uniqueness of combat sports and martial arts in general, and to concentrate on Sport for All and cultural exchange. This can only be good news. Discussions have taken place for closer cooperation with TAFISA of SportAccord.

Sportaccord and TAFISA Leadership and incontrano