This Sunday, 22 November 2015, It held the second edition of the Trophy City of Rome at the gym Harmony Club Morena organized by teacher Maracchioni col suo team Thai Fighters. Together with the Committee of Central Italy FIMT has set up a huge stage within the premises of the gym where between runways for athletes, audience for the public and lighting effects tended by more innovative Alberto Sichera They were held 28 meetings between light, full contact and professionals. A frame that showed the huge strides made by the organization since last year has greatly improved the visual effect for approximately 20

0 spectators who came to watch the event. Two definitely the remarkable aspects. Primarily the systematic introduction of Muay Thai Kids for children from 11 to 13 age, a testimony of the excellent work that some gyms are doing to expand this area Babysitting. In the second place the presence of a larger number of women in both the light that even in the encounter of the evening Pro. Two aspects that then fill with pride throughout the federation and in particular the President Mauro Bassetti complimenting the Center Committee Italy FIMT. If in the light most athletes again showed little linearity and fluency in the fighting saw the debut of several boys, in full contact we have seen with so many tough matches and combative techniques of Muay Thai courses with precision and strength. Finally the best show we have seen with the two Pro meetings where there was disputed the championship belt of the City of Rome FIMT. Both matches were highly prized and technical level with high rates. In the first won Michele Mike Faroni Bassetti the team in a match with no holds barred where Michele has prevailed especially in the clinch in front of an opponent, Alessio Pistonesi, young Team Cesarini, which it has proved stronger than the arms and in the high kick besides many shots skipped. At the end of a meeting in substantially equal we have given preference for Faron. The same in terms of the intensity seen with the meeting of women who, however, was interrupted by medical intervention between Nicole Vurchio, Team Tredici, and Martina Capuozzo, Team Bassetti. The latter in a clash excitedly takes an elbow shot that causes an injury to the nose. Medical intervention and victory for Vurchio. Otherwise great atmosphere and great welcome from the staff of the gym Harmony Club whom we thank together even Francesco Laddaga, Chairman of the Budget Committee on Culture and VII Hall, e a Silvia Natali, Department of Sport, Tourism and Local Development of the Town Hall VII. And of course thanks to all the Committee FIMT Center Italy



Light Kids

  1. Semi final Kg 45: Romano Christian, Thirteen teams vs. Romans Luca, Team Cesarini: Romano wins;
  2. Kg 51: Caradonna Daniel, Thirteen teams vs. Alessandro Liberati, Team Cesarini: Caradonna wins by DQ;
  3. Final Kg 45: Marianni Jordan, Thirteen teams vs. Roman Christian, Team Tredici: Romano wins;


Light Donne

  1. Semi final kg 54 Furlan Valentina, Thirteen teams vs. Saved Azur, Team Tredici: with equal preference for Furlan;
  2. Semi final kg 54 Oliva Daniela, Thirteen teams vs Mazzafoglia Sonia, Team Mezzelani: vince Mazzafoglia;
  3. Final Kg 54 Furlan Valentina, Thirteen teams vs Mazzafoglia Sonia, Team Mezzelani: vince Mazzafoglia;


Light Men

kg 57 Adriano Paolini, Team Bassetti vs Brizzi Titian, Team Cesarini: Brizzi wins;


  1. kg 67 Leone Aldo, Team Mezzelani vs Trivellini Matteo, Team Cesarini: Leone wins by DQ;
  2. semifinale kg 63,500 Federico Fava, Team Rocchi vs Saints Constantine, Team Tamburrelli: with equal preference Sante;
  3. semi final 67 After Cristian kg, Team Giuliani vs Felici Mario, Team Cesarini: Felici wins by DQ;
  4. kg 67 Pepoli Antonio, Thirteen teams vs. Simone Amadori, Team Maracchioni: Amadori wins;
  5. kg 67 Giuseppe D'Ambrosio, Team Dell’Osa vs De Velis Alessandro, Team Tamburrelli: vince De Velis;
  6. kg 71 Marcello Leonardo, Cesarini Team vs Caneppelle Valerio, Team Amato: Di Marcello wins;
  7. kg 71 Tamburrelli Manolo, Team Tamburrelli vs Ingardia Simone, Team Zavagnin: wins Tamburrelli;
  8. kg 75: Adriani Marco, Team Martellacci vs Iobbi Silvio, Team Giuliani: vince Iobbi;
  9. Palacios Angelo Urrutia kg75, Team Tamburrelli vs Micheli Emanuele, Team Martellacci: equality;
  10. kg 75 Federico Lorenzo, Team Tredici vs Carlesimo Andrea, Team Cesarini: vince Carlesimo;
  11. kg 81 Tulli Matteo, Team Maracchioni vs Nanno Laurent Patrick, Team Cesarini: equality;
  12. kg 81 Darius Barbu, Team Martellacci vs. Emanuele Pignatelli, Team Maracchioni: Vince Barbu;
  13. Finale kg 63,500 Andrea Onofri, Team Tamburrelli vs Saints Constantine, Team Tamburrelli: vince Sante;
  14. kg 75 Cordovana Matteo, Team Zavagnin Tenaglia vs. Gianni, Team Dell’Osa: vince Cordovana;
  15. Finale kg 67 Marcellino Diego, Team Rocchi vs Usai Cristian, Team Giuliani: equal



Class C Men

  1. kg 81 Sparro Damiano, Team Maracchioni vs Marco Baldumo, Either team: Vince Baldwin;
  2. kg 86 Varvaryuk Valentino, Team Trojans vs Bassetti Matteo, Team Zavagnin: Troiani wins;
  3. kg 91 Skrabut By, Team Giuliani vs Justin Dascalu, Team Bassetti: equal


FOR Donne

  1. kg 63,500 Vurchio Nicole, Thirteen teams vs. Martina Capuozzo, Team Bassetti: wins Vurchio for medical intervention;



  1. kg 63,500 Michele Faroni, Team vs Bassetti Pistonesi Alessio, Team Cesarini: with equal preference Faron



By Francesco Amor