Primo Torneo  performace  Lottatori Milano kids,


She held at the gym Wrestlers Milan Pessano with the Bornago 22.11.2015. What about, an event dedicated only and solely for the kids, with RegulationIFMA YOUTH ITALY Comission, under the aegis of FIMT, which for years has been identified as a reality with a keen eye care growth of small Nak Muay from the first kick. Participants in this event are a happy surprise, numerous and technically all prepared. I 24 the matches played and the number of schools represented. There are the Wrestlers Milan, Mushin of the notice Gianluca Chiloiro, la Dascanio Gym, la Pet Fighters, la Top Ring, la Amantini m.t. e la Fighters Gym. Schools not only of Milan, or of Lombardy, but Ligurian, Abruzzo etc… The atmosphere of celebration, many parents present and the air is that of a sports day. Smiles and very fair Play. The children, almost all, turn out to be complete, joust on all distances, some element shows even capacity well above the norm, with movements and raps, dodges and masteries of clinch very similar to those in adults. In Conclusion, a day dedicated to the nursery Italian Muay Thai, also the great success, some of these children will hear about in the future.

First Tournament performace Wrestlers Milan kids,