Numero record per i campionati del mondo giovanili con il patrocinio  del CIO OLTRE 1000 ATLETI


Record number of the youth world championships

The beautiful city of Bangkok will be the center of world youth championships from muaythai 3 to the 11 August. Over 1000 Participants are confirmed by all 5 continents participating in this sport and culture.

The event entitled “Reach for the stars” It will be in line with the development of youth and development of IFMA grass to use the power of sport and muaythai to create a better world. It will be the first time that the youth of IFMA will participate in a sport recognized by the IOC after Muaythai has been recognized by the IOC last year.

In addition to the competition there are many cultural and educational activities in collaboration with IFMA partners such as UNESCO, Peace and Sport and many more.

An important meeting was held between the Royal Thai Government and the Department of Physical Education, the dilettantista Association of Thailand under the Royal Patronage and leadership IFMA to complete the final details before the children of the world muaythai arrive in Bangkok.

Record number for the youth world championships under the auspices of the IOC OVER 1000 ATHLETES