Next World Games Qualifier – Kazan World Cup!!!!


下一届世界运动会资格赛 - 喀山世界杯!!!!


从运动员 35 国家已被邀请参加下一轮世界运动会预选赛的泰拳. 280 运动员将逐鹿 11 以上量级 4 竞争激烈的日预定他们对现货 2017 世界运动会.

Gold medalists in eight male divisions (54,67,63.5,67,71,75,81,91 KG) 和 3 female divisions (51,54,60 KG) will join the already qualified athletes from the 2015 Royal World Cup, 2016 IFMA World Championships and 2016 European Championships to enter the final pool of 88 athletes competing at the 2017 World Games where there will be a total of 11 divisions each with 8 athletes each.

IFMA Sport Director Charissa Tynan stated “This event will give the runner-ups from the World Championships and Continental Championships another chance to qualify for this elite event!“

博士. 埃尔多安, IFMA Executive Board member and Chair of IFMA Medical Commission stated “Extreme measures have been taken to ensure that doping controls are up to standard. To that end, we have engaged Clearidium a leading Anti-Doping test provider based in Denmark to handle sample collection and delivery to a WADA accredited Laboratory for the event.”

Kazan has hosted some amazing events in the last years like the 2013 Universiade and 2015 FINA World Championships among many others.

IFMA is excited to add the Kazan’s list of successful events the 2016 IFMA世界杯!

下一届世界运动会资格赛 - 喀山世界杯!!!!