Nai Kanom Tom Day 2017 Davide Carlot   Executive Bord Memeber  IFMA presente


NEI Knom Tom Day 2017


Every year, the 17 ° March, Fight the world celebrates the birthday of the legend “Nai Knom Tom” during the day Wai Kru ancient city of Ayuddhaya. This year's celebration attracted more than 1400 Fight fans from teachers to students. The City of Ayuddhaya in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Ministry for Tourism and Sport has organized the festivities and parade daily Nai Kanom Tom.

The festivities were hosted by Mr Sujin Chaichumsak, governor of the province Ayuddhaya and Mrs. Somsong Pancharoenworakul, President of the Provincial Ayuddhaya. Special thanks was given to the World Muaythai Council and the International Federation of Muaythai Amateurs (IFMA) for the recognition of muaythai granted by the International Olympic Committee (CIO).

The IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan led the parade sitting on an elephant, and it was a special time for the family Muaythai. Mrs. Somsong then presented a special token to IFMA President and the General Secretary and Vice President of the Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand for their efforts to protect and promote the art and sport of muaythai. In support of IFMA partnership with UNESCO, Caroline Tressise Baxter, Consultant for Social and Human Sciences in Asia and the Pacific UNESCO Bangkok Office also joined IFMA / WMC to celebrate this important occasion.

NEI Knom Tom Day 2017 Davide Carlot Executive Bord Memeber IFMA presente