La Muay Thai – FIMT -IFMA – WMC conquista la prestigiosa Isola di Capri.


Decio Pasqua
La Muay Thai – fimta -IFMA – WMC won the prestigious Isle of Capri. Great day of combat sports in Capri, the splendid gardens of flora Caprense. The Pro-Fighting Capri Master Francesco Della Corte, in collaboration with the Pro-Fighting Napoli Decio Pasqua Teacher, organized a day dedicated to the martial sports competitions, specifically the martial art of Muay Thai under auspices FIMT ( Italian Federation of Muay Thai )- WMC and IFMA and K1 under auspices AFSO. The International Gala, FIGHT in CAPRI, He saw in the afternoon amateur meetings while in the evening they faced in the ring Athletes Professionals of these disciplines, from various parts of Italy, Milan, Turin, Rimini, Cesena, Bari Trieste, Nola and the World, Morocco, Norway, France, Bulgaria, Ukraine.
All matches, except the World Cup title, FIMT were under the Italian Federation of Muay Thai , only federation recognized by the IOC through IFMA.
Dutiful thank President FIMT Mauro Bassetti and responsible IFMA Carlot Davide throughout the given help in the months to realize this Gala, two sets and competent persons who have brought up this art, helping actively and with great passion… with pretty much everything.
I must also thank very much the great Master Didier the Borgne, that with his contribution to the International led the French team to the dispute of the World Title, together with maestro Mario Zanotti of Pro-Fighting groups coordinator, that gave us the opportunity by engaging a lot, to realize this K1 World Title AFSO, Proving once a concrete union of our Pro-Fighting Group .. A great Friend and Brother.
The meetings were very spectacular and hard, all thanks to the great professionalism of these teams, most coming from the various Italian Pro-Fighting and the various international teams, I thank them for their presence Friends Andrea Brigliadori Pro-Fighting Bellaria, Luigi Picone Pro-Fighting Cesena, Giorgio Castoldi Pro-Fighting Milano, Mario Vivenzio Pro-Fighting Nola, Sipio Dino Di Torino, Michele Lobascio Bari, il Maestro Didier Le Borgne con la sua atleta Inglese Madelen Søfteland. In addition of course to the Pro-Fighting Napoli, Capri, Campi Flegrei present with all instructors and Athletes.
Very thanks to Judges Referees, Claudio Baccolini, Rosario Schiano, Masculine and Frank Francesco Della Corte, professional, impartial and prepared..
I have to personally thank our friend and sponsor Adalberto Cuomo, Family Morgano, the world famous Hotel Quisisana, who helped us and supported for two years, passionately committed to growing together this event.
I wanted to thank Giuseppe De Simone, that with his contribution he made to approach the company of the Tourist Port of Capri which has contributed significantly to the realization of this event.
Thanks also to Pietro Elefante Barrus, now historic brand that follows and supports for years in all events, collaboration and now-proven friendship.
Great Newscaster Massimo Belfiore who with his preparation and technical knowledge has given voice to the filming that will delayed on Tele Capri soon.
I thank our Physiotherapist Daniele Palermo who helped Daniel and Luke in their pre fight with his great professionalism.
Of course, I thank all the people who in various ways have contributed to the great success of this event, I'm sure many diventicando, but you were really in many ..
But one person I have to thank most of all, a great friend, Maestro, Referee and now Organizer, who has given so much of his time, his passion of his stress to the organization and to the great success of this event, Frank Della Corte, A myth.
Now let's description of what would later and the show of the protagonists on the Ring, without them .. their skill, sweat, preparation and a lot of passion, nn there would be nothing.. Athletes.. all really talented, An example for this martial world.
below the ladder with the results:
1° Match – Danila Sansone – Pro-Fighting Napoli VS Francesca Acciardi – Pro-Fighting Cesena-
Vince Danila Sansone
2° Match – The Kourchi Houari – Pro-Fighting Napoli Vs Stanev Krasimin – Pro-Fighting Cesena-
Vince El Houari Kourchi
3° Match – Roman Kozak – Pro-Fighting Nola Vs Andrea Gozzi – Pro-Fighting Bellaria –
Vince Andrea Gozzi
4° Match – Madelen Søfteland – Team Didier Le Borgne Vs Vittoria di Mauro – Pro-Fighting Milano-
Vince Mauro Victory
5° Match – Raffaele Minichino – Pro-Fighting Nola Vs Michele Lobascio – Bari
Vince Michele Lobascio
The highlight of the evening were two Match titrated. Prime Of Muay Thai under auspices WMC initials professional most important in the world this discipline x, with Neapolitan Daniele Iodice of Pro-Fighting against Napoli torinese Cristian Lucia Di Sipio Dino team. hard and spectacular match that sees the winner Neapolitan Daniele Iodice for medical intervention in the second round, a show offered by these two good athletes who did see and know the true Muay Thai thrilling all present.
The closure was the title of World K1 under auspices Afso, opposites that saw two of the strongest athletes of our views, the Neapolitan Luca Donadio of Pro-Fighting Napoli, against French Julien Minot, the two have created a very spectacular encounter full of high-level technical, He comes out the winner by knockout in the third round, becoming the new world champion, the Neapolitan Luca Donadio.
A Unique Emotion, see especially our athletes of the Pro-Fighting Napoli win these important titles, rich in years of hard work… thank you guys for giving me this latest thrill and satisfaction.
The island of Capri has seen once again an example of Professionalism sport at the highest level and international, giving appointment to the next event will be even more impressive.


La Muay Thai – fimta -IFMA – WMC won the prestigious Isle of Capri.