IFMA celebrates YOUTH at the 2016 Youth Awards Gala Ceremony gli atleti FIMT in prima  fila


IFMA는에서 청소년을 기념 2016 Youth Awards Gala Ceremony

ywc-bannerThe 2016 Youth World Championships concluded with the Youth Awards Gala. A fantastic finale that will be etched in the memories of the youth for many years. The ballroom was lit up with great splendour as well as smiling faces of all the well-deserved youth and participants of the competition.

밤은 플레이 필드에서 밖으로 뛰어난 성능을 수상하고 수상, 사회적 책임 및 청소년 개발에 뛰어난 노력에 대한 경쟁과 특별상 내 챔피언으로 상승 선수와 팀에 대한 시상식과 함께. The gala night not only honoured past legends and champions that have left us but also celebrated the accomplishments and promises of the current youth who are the legends and the champions to come.

갈라는 맞 죠 Muaythai의 영광과 자부심을지지 주재했다, 관광 및 스포츠 장관, HE Kobkarn Wattanvrangkul. Her Excellency stated that she not only spoke for herself but the entire kingdom of Thailand, that this event is a testament to the fact that sporting and cultural exchanges in Muaythai goes hand in hand and that the youth of Muaythai are not just ambassadors of the sport, but also ambassadors of peace, understanding and respecting the differences we all have.


The night was hosted by the young and incredibly talented budding star of “The Voice Kids” Thailand Miss Imani Cintado-O’Donovan, 사람도 특별한 노래 공연에서 그녀의 강력한 목소리로 군중을 처리. There were also performances from team Thailand of the International Cheer Union, the sensational Question Mark youth band with a special tribute to the King of Thailand and many others. IFMA 자신의 젊음은 최종 승리 와이 크루와 무 Aeriobic 루틴을 수행, 우리의 스포츠의 전통적인 요소를 기리는. 밤의 전체 프로그램은 청소년 주최, while the numerous VIPs who filled up the ballroom presented the awards to the youth. The competition season saw an outstanding number of countries going above and beyond the competitive elements of the championships. 이러한 국가 대표팀 인식하고 페어 플레이와 우정을위한 특별한 상을 수상했다, IFMA 가족 내에서 스포츠의 진정한 정신 및 우정을 축하.

매년, IFMA pays tribute to the fallen heroes of everyone’s lives and a touching ceremony was held for one for the greatest sporting heroes of all time, 모하메드 알리.

The night rounded off with a fantastic parade from the Medal Winners. As they got showered with confetti, they were led in by the loud and extravagant Thailand Cheerleader group; 청소년에 IFMA의 비전과 초점을 재확인, who are the promise of tomorrow and the bright future of the sport of Muaythai. The smiling faces of all the winners was IFMA’s reward for a great Youth World Championships and for the ones that did not make it to the podium this year, 그들은 와서 다시 강한 년에 와서 영감을 할 수있다.

There are no borders in muaythai. Our youth are our hope for a better tomorrow. The IFMA representative of the Athletes’ Commission, Janice Lyn from Canada, summed it all up stating, "There are no losers in Muaythai, we only learn and become stronger and the lifelong friendships are gold medals that everyone takes home."

IFMA는에서 청소년을 기념 2016 청소년 어워드 갈라 행사의 FIMT 앞줄의 선수