IFMA celebrates YOUTH at the 2016 Youth Awards Gala Ceremony gli atleti FIMT in prima  fila


IFMAはでYOUTHを祝います 2016 Youth Awards Gala Ceremony

ywc-bannerザ· 2016 ユース世界選手権ユース賞ガラと締結しました. 長年にわたり青春の思い出にエッチングされる素晴らしいフィナーレ. The ballroom was lit up with great splendour as well as smiling faces of all the well-deserved youth and participants of the competition.

夜は遊びのフィールドの内外で優れたパフォーマンスを表彰し、受賞します, 優れた社会的責任への取り組みや青少年育成のための競争と特別賞以内にチャンピオンとして上がった選手やチームのための賞で. The gala night not only honoured past legends and champions that have left us but also celebrated the accomplishments and promises of the current youth who are the legends and the champions to come.

ガラはムエタイの光栄と誇りサポーターが主宰しました。, 観光スポーツ大臣, HE Kobkarn Wattanvrangkul. Her Excellency stated that she not only spoke for herself but the entire kingdom of Thailand, that this event is a testament to the fact that sporting and cultural exchanges in Muaythai goes hand in hand and that the youth of Muaythai are not just ambassadors of the sport, but also ambassadors of peace, understanding and respecting the differences we all have.


The night was hosted by the young and incredibly talented budding star of “The Voice Kids” Thailand Miss Imani Cintado-O’Donovan, 誰も特別な歌の公演で彼女の強力な声で観客を処理しました. There were also performances from team Thailand of the International Cheer Union, the sensational Question Mark youth band with a special tribute to the King of Thailand and many others. IFMA自身の若さは、最終的な勝利ワイクルー族とムエタイAeriobicルーチンを実行し, 私たちのスポーツの伝統的な要素を称えます. 夜の全体のプログラムは若者によって開催されました, while the numerous VIPs who filled up the ballroom presented the awards to the youth. The competition season saw an outstanding number of countries going above and beyond the competitive elements of the championships. これらの国のチームが認識され、フェアプレーと友情のための特別賞を受賞しました。, IFMAファミリー内のスポーツの真の精神と仲間意識を祝います.

毎年, IFMA pays tribute to the fallen heroes of everyone’s lives and a touching ceremony was held for one for the greatest sporting heroes of all time, モハメド・アリ.

The night rounded off with a fantastic parade from the Medal Winners. As they got showered with confetti, they were led in by the loud and extravagant Thailand Cheerleader group; 若者のIFMAのビジョンとフォーカスを再確認, who are the promise of tomorrow and the bright future of the sport of Muaythai. The smiling faces of all the winners was IFMA’s reward for a great Youth World Championships and for the ones that did not make it to the podium this year, 彼らは、今後数年間に戻って強くてくるように促されてもよいです.

There are no borders in muaythai. Our youth are our hope for a better tomorrow. The IFMA representative of the Athletes’ Commission, Janice Lyn from Canada, summed it all up stating, "There are no losers in Muaythai, we only learn and become stronger and the lifelong friendships are gold medals that everyone takes home."

IFMAはでYOUTHを祝います 2016 最前列の選手FIMT青少年賞ガラ授賞式