GARE MUAY THAI FIMT Palestra VERSUS ACADEMY ROMA (Acilia) 6 November 2016



GARE Muay Thai fimta
ROME – (acilia) 6 November 2016

It reopens the season 2016/2017 FIMT of Muay Thai Committee Italy Centre with a full event of class meetings C, Light, and the Junior category. Place of the meetings the gym "Versus Academy" Via Barzano 69 Acilia that is becoming a real landmark and a warm and welcoming place for Committee. In fact, the first thanks should be given its own gym, Andrea Galassi in the person who has provided the structure generously creating a welcoming environment and at the same time suitable for an appointment made of pure Muay Thai. An active gym with various types of courses during the week that Sunday has become a mini hall Lumpini style where he felt the warmth of the audience very close to the ring and that made the atmosphere very excited and adrenaline. The meetings were of a good standard. Note two things: the improvement of the light level of the first; one has to recognize the various coaches to have improved the preparation of the boys for this discipline taking care of the technical background and the cleanliness of the shots not brought to full power. Secondly, the increase in the number of juniors meetings; we are talking about children aged 14 to 17 years that are approaching as never Muay Thai with a great desire to fight and confront. They must be cultivated with intelligence because they are the future of Muay Thai FIMT for Central Italy. We just have to thank all the team participants also coming from outside the Lazio as: Tuscany, Campania, Basilicata and Calabria and all the organizers who have done everything with the utmost care under the supervision of President Mauro Bassetti. There are certainly aspects to improve on which you are already working. Greetings to all and see you on 4 December to Fiumicino for "Italian Centre Italian Championship"
Here no one has to miss!!!


1. Semifinal kg 75 Tang (Team Profightin Firenze – windsurf) vs Ramadori (Team Muay Thai Connection – Zavagnin): wins Ramadori;
2. Kg 67 LOFRANO (Team Black Corner – Carella) vs LEONE (Team Dogg Mezzelani): vince LEONE;
3. kg 63,500 USAI (Team Champion Club – Giuliani) vs LORETI (Team Muay Thai Connection – Zavagnin): wins USAI;
4. kg 67 FIORE (Team Black Corner – Carella) vs GRANDINETTI (Team Profighting Napoli – Mascolino): wins GRANDINETTI;
5. Kg 81 MAXIMUM (Team Thirteen-Domes-Village) vs BALDUINO (Either team – Hanuman Gym): vince BALDUINO;
6. final Kg 75 Iobbi (Team Giuliani – Champion Club) vs Ramadori (Team Muay Thai Connection – Zavagnin): wins Ramadori;

7. Kg 51 women FIORENTINI (Thirteen teams The Domes-Village) vs GARZIANO (Team Profighting Firenze -): equality
8. Semifinal kg 63,500 PISILLI (Team Black Corner – Carella vs LENSES (Team Giuliani Boxing Club): wins LENSES for preference;
9. Kg 55 women SAVED (Thirteen teams The Domes- Village) vs. BE (Team Body Planet-Sparta): vince BE;
10. Kg 60 BEGATTINI (Chapel-Pope Boxing Team Ostia Mare) vs rejected (Team Profighting Firenze – windsurf): equality;
11. Kg 60 ORIOLO (Team Black Corner – Carella) vs FURY (Team Action – Catalan): wins ORIOLO;
12. Kg 63,500 AGUILA (Team Profighting Florence Seahorses) vs ROSSI (Team Profighting Napoli Mascolino): equality;
13. kg 60 Junior CUSATO (Either team – Hanuman Gym) vs PACETTI D. (Team Rocchi Boxing Club ): vince CUSATO;
14. kg 67 GIOVA (Team Profighting Napoli -Mascolino) vs SPIDONI (Team Dogg Mezzelani): He wins GIOVA;
15. Finale kg 63,500 Junior DE ROSSI (Chapel-Pope Boxing Team Ostia Mare) vs LENSES (Team Giuliani Champion Club): wins LENSES;
16. Kg 71 GALLO (Team Profighting Napoli -Mascolino) vs CHIESI (Team Body Planet -Sparta): He wins CHIESI;
17. semifinal Kg 75 Massaini (Team Profighting Florence Seahorses) vs FACE (Team Rocchi Boxing Club): vince FACE:
18. Kg 54 Junior CAME (Team Giuliani – Champion Club) vs CAMILLI (Team Faroni): vince CAME;
19. semifinal Kg 57 Junior PACETTI J. (Team Rocchi – Boxing Club) vs FABRIZI (Team Dogg Mezzelani): vince PACETTI;
20. Semifinal kg 71 Junior Massimiliani (Team Bassetti) vs IADAROLA (Chapel team): vince IADAROLA
21. Finale kg 75 LOPEZ (Team Body Planet – Sparta) vs FACE (Team Rocchi Boxing Club): Vince FACE;
22. Kg 54 women OLIVA (Thirteen teams The Domes-Village) vs CEFALI (Team Muay Thai Connection- Zavagnin): squalificate;
23. Kg 63,500 Petralia (Chapel-Pope Boxing Ostia Mare Team) vs BARONI (Team Rocchi Boxing Club): equality;
24. final Kg 57 Junior CARADONNA (Thirteen teams The Domes- Village) vs PACETTI J. (Team Rocchi Boxing Club): vince PACETTI;
25. Finale kg 71 Junior TUMMINIELLO (Team Rocchi Boxing Club) vs IADAROLA (Chapel-Pope Boxing Team Ostia Mare):equality.

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GARE MUAY THAI FIMT Palestra VERSUS ACADEMY ROMA (acilia) 6 November 2016