Paris, WBC event, Italy-France-Spain

This year we are invited with our kids in Paris by Prestia, under the aegis of WBC.

superb Organization, as well as the welcome, Prestia and his wife, Teresa, They have made this trip a family outing.

Introducing a team led by M ° Voltolin and Maestro Catozzi, for a total of 11 Mini Italian athletes.

Mindful of the high level of the French and even arbitration difficulties we had last year we went to Paris with a knife between his teeth.

It fights to Gymnase Japy, The first match between Luna Linich (Wrestlers Milan) e Mouzon Lena (Akfameca), age 10. Luna makes a nice match, exchanging especially at long distance, He lost a very balanced match.

Second match between Oscar Castle (Wrestlers Milan) Marwan e Souhaimi (B.T. St. Loup), age 10, match by the high technical levels, our Oscar wins anyway very well showing a complete technical and imaginative of all distance, Prestia remembered him since last year ....

Third match between Balsama Alessia (Milan wrestlers) Lena e Haucourt (MTC Lisieux), balanced match at the technical level but our Alessia puts more shots advances further, and showing a greater will to win.

Fourth match for Italy between Abdel Belbachir (F.S. Stains) against Gianluca facebook (Wrestlers Milan), gianluca part not bright, in my view wins first round, She lost the second and finds himself brilliant and aggressive winning.

Fifth match between Louali Nowfel (2C Academy) against Francesco Di Noia (Milan wrestlers), defeat Francis, the technical gap was immense, Francis is strong nothing could.

Sesto match tra wine Ella (Nakmuay Gym) and Elena Maestri (nak muay ferrara.), large difference in weight between the two, (37 kg and the French 32 elena) Elena but with a heart of a lioness makes the match, always advancing and putting back blow for blow, but the tonnage is felt and the match is lost. Heart of lion.

Seventh match between Belbachir Abdel against Franco facebook (Wrestlers Milan), Franco part very well, slow pace and reasoned, block and affects remittance, looks good against strong French, already addressed by his brother and for me wins without a doubt this match, instead it is given lost.

Eighth match between Arthur Berain (IFO) and Turola Mattia (nak muay ferrara.), Mattia always advances, with excellent combinations, often he closed with powerful kicks. Draw between him and the French coach.

Nono match tra let Antony (B.T. Lanneruna) e Mantovani Thomas (nak muay ferrara.). You will immediately notice the technical difference between the French and Italian. Thomas is in dire straits, Then the bad luck has it that falling turns bad knee and fetch an injury. Match interrupted.

Tenth match between Bellemare Kymani (USEE M.Thai) e Ricci Vitor (nak muay ferrara), Vitor strong party looking for a physical match, the opponent's technique turns out to be higher as its ability to affect in any combination of all heights. Victory of the French.

Eleventh and final match to Italy in Bensalem Sorenza (B.C. friendship) Soncini and Martina (nak muay ferrara), even here there is a large gap weight. Martina fights and disputes a huge match, towering over her opponent on each distance, shockingly lost match gave Italian.

It notes that the French School offers an extremely high level, and a basin of great kids, and I speak of children who train to do Muay Thai real, of fighters.

The Spanish school is also to be considered, a more dynamic muay thai more brought to the long-distance.

I can say that we made a big step forward, but I hope that in the near future also the pool of Italian children, I speak not enrolled in courses, but real little warriors, It is as rich as that of other nations.