The course teachers Muay Thai F.I.M.T. It took place in more weekends on Ostia territory (RM), at the gym Action Boxing.
The lessons of the program is divided into a theoretical part and a practical.
The theory in turn is structured in two parts:
The first part dwells in principle on various regulations which; Regulation of Muay Thai competition to full contact and light contact F.I.M.T. e I.F.M.A., health and Arbitration Rules, starting with the European Code of Sports Ethics, then get to the gala event or project.
It then analyzes the real martial art from birth to development as combat sports, focusing on the various contact techniques, on vital points of the human body and based on equipment for training.
The second part of the program makes us realize closely the anatomical mechanisms suffered during sports, starting from the structural explanation of human cell and by the various apparatuses, analyzing more specifically the muscle physiology and various trauma or injury with subsequent trained in first aid.
The practical part focuses primarily on explaining the verbal and gestural movements and kinetic chains to be used for the proper execution of a technique, to learning from the particante or neopraticante, learning to focus on the student's location and if necessary to apply in order correzzioni the right move.
An infinite Thanks to the professionalism of the course teachers: M. Mauro Bassetti,Fabio Campo and Antonio Albo, for having transferred a bit of their experience,a really good course and complete from a technical point of view and from that of psychophysical,near professionals understand how long is the way.
The Neo Coaches Stefano Corsetti and Yann Bedini, We cared a lot to thank their teachers, Paolo Giuliani and Francesco Amato who with their experience, there always accompany you in’ teach this ancient discipline, rich in tradition and history, now they start…
Sawadee tight