Diario di bordo, giorno  28 agosto  IFMA KIDS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2016



field day yesterday, our Osky across as a Lebanese opponent.
The match starts immediately at very high rates, the two exchange blow for blow, perfect technique of both, explosives, look nice, they seemed pro. Primo round and Osky.
Second round of the Lebanese child, confirming the performance of the highest level already proposed in primo by two wonderful interpreters of muay thai.
Third round still awarded by the Lebanese child.
The match leaves no regrets, It is something awesome for technical quality and variety of techniques applied.

Caique Ricci scalp to fight it, the Samoan opponent does not show up, and then go directly to the final. Excellent.

Today the rest of the Italian national will enter the scene. The world sti level kids is awesome, we are in the future and the many masters in Italy did they not yet realized….

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Logbook, day 28 agosto IFMA KIDS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2016