DAL CORRIERE  DELLA  SERA  MUAY THAI  FOR  ALL La boxe delle ragazze con il velo


Boxing girls with the veil
"They call us terrorists, thats enough"

After several episodes of Asha and other young Muslim harassment and insults learn to defend themselves: "We will not run away from who insults us"


Aisha (the name is fictional) he has 15 age, It arrived in Italy ten years ago from Pakistan with his family, He lives in Brianza, in his second year of a technical institute and bears proudly the hijab that covers her head. "I have a collection - say - I like that it matches the color of the clothes that send me aunts from Pakistan '. His companion Hasna has made a different choice: "I'll put the icing -racconta - but when they are in school or go out with my boyfriend take off. I do not feel like wearing the other's gaze ". A look that recently, after the Paris attacks, Nice and Berlin, often it brings with it a judgment, a suspect, an anger that results in verbal violence. For Aisha it has happened that a peer on the bus told her: "What are you hiding under the veil? A bomb?». It is not an isolated case. The girls attending the street Ghilini Islamic Center in Monza reported a family history of multiple episodes of Islamophobia, they are afraid to be alone for road and have asked for help. The solution is a self-defense course that will take place every Saturday afternoon in the mosque space for about ten meetings before the start of Ramadan. "We had to start as early as next Saturday afternoon - said Tahany Shahin, Egyptian, in Italy 23 years and deputy director of the Islamic Center of Monza - then the Pope's arrival made us be postponed for a week. Unfortunately, the equation of the Muslim terrorist is a widespread feeling, but I'd like to open the course also non-Muslim girls. Basically, veil or no veil, the fear of being attacked in the street is common to many girls, whatever religion ».

To teach the moves to knock an attacker will Alessandra Borrello, 40 age, twice Italian champion muay thai, a specialty of Thai boxing and sports psychologist. "The course in the mosque is an absolute novelty, but some time working with young foreigners - he explains -, I found with them that sport can be a key to get in touch with young people living an uneasy. With the girls of the Islamic center would love to create a cozy atmosphere, end your workout with a cup of tea, able not only to teach what to do in case of aggression, but also give them confidence and security ". In fact some people pulling punches a lot unleashed the anger that he has inside, other than learning to jump rope acquire confidence in their own abilities, those in training brings out important questions about their identity: "But I'm Italian and Tunisian?». Waiting to bring the Thai boxing in mosque, the gym Alessandra Borrello is under a porch in the garden Capitanio Fraternity in via tourney at Monza, that forty houses a day care center for children in difficulty, and a residential community of boys in recent times is the home of more and more young asylum seekers. "We have a lab martial arts recently opened - says Matteo Colombo director - which we found to be a very important tool of any psychotherapy. Coming together at the gym allows you to give voice to their needs immediately, our fears, the loneliness of these young people who have seen hell ".

On the tatami around Alessandra every Thursday afternoon there are a dozen girls between 13 e i 17 years guests of the community as Joy (Another fancy name) that has 16 age, a cascade of black pigtails, a baby in the womb to be born in a few months. She discovered she was pregnant just landed in Italy, fleeing from Nigeria and violence. Jennifer wears the veil and punches the bag: It is his way to download the anger of having lived in 14 the drama of years separate from mom, take a trip on a boat between horror and violence, Italy find themselves alone in imagining a new life. "Sport is the most direct way to get in communication - continues the champion - linguistic and cultural barrier falls in front of a sack and two gloves. In the gym it is easier to talk, trying to overcome the trauma of a trip which none of them said no, find out not to be inadequate, back in the game and gain confidence. On the tatami you do not just learn to defend themselves, but also to know and to know others'.

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