The large family of Muay Thai FIMT continues to grow.
The day 16/01/2016 Action at the gym of Boxing Ostia examinations were incurred for Coaches Muay Thai FIMT, directed by teachers, Fabio Field, Antionio Albo and by M ° Mauro Bassetti.
The six new candidates COACHES Muay Thai FIMT presented their papers on topics related to the anatomy, Physiology, Traumatology in sports, training methodology, history of MuayThai etc..
The examination took place was made by the discussion of the topics covered during the course of training as the sociological interest that can have this type of sport, Bullying the negative sides of the doping, Food Science and Nutrition, Psychology etc. The examination concluded with a paper presented thorough and reasoned, subsequently a Technical verification and practice on the Ring about to the basic position, the guard, the basic strokes of arms and legs, knees and elbows, combinations to Pao, Focus and their practical use of the same, finally clinch techniques.
The examination is then continued in the ring where it was given evidence of how they should be brought to the main techniques thanks to the supervision of the Master Bassetti, an inspiration to all athletes who decide to pursue this discipline
The review was successfully completed for all six participants. the FIMT has six new coaches, ready to dispense their knowledge, trying to popularize this ancient discipline that is Muay Thai.
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COACHING COURSE IN ROME 16-01-2016 LA fimta increase