Campione di Muay Thai Thepnimit Sitmonchai, IN TOUR


Maybe a year to remember that this year with the Champion Muay Thai Thepnimit Sitmonchai, both as a response by sports clubs, and as a professional once again demonstrated by this outstanding athlete of House Sitmonchai.

Over 14 the companies involved, 8 all of which are affiliated FIMT Italian Federation Muay Thai.

I must admit that despite being a busy month, the satisfaction of having moved and involved about 600 Athletes 28 days was really a great victory in the first staff, but also of those who have believed in me and in this athlete.

But now we get a little’ in detail in tour:

7 ed 8 November we held two seminars, one in Ventimiglia with Luke Amor Promoter and the second in Imperia with Marian Landa Promoter.

14 and 15 November, the first in Porto Azzurro (Elba island) Antonio Gabriele promoter and the second promoter in Prato Domenico Catalano.

21 and 22 November in Merano Promoter Franz Gluderer to follow Bergamo promoter TTF Bergamo Paolo Agazzi and Paul Dearest.


28 and 29 November to Massa Promoter Massimiliano Ricci and later Ostia Promoter President FIMT Mauro Bassetti.

Absolutely the 4 seminars with multiple numbers were registered in Prato, Bergamo, Massa and Ostia. in these 4 internships alone we have overcome 300 participants. But in general they all went very well.

For my part I can finally find that you are breaking a little’ the barriers of the personalities and interests of small shop, and perhaps also to me it is wearing off a bit’ the initial distrust that often wore very gyms listed to be a little’ reluctant and not to be heard. I am convinced that these appointments do well at all, because in this sport, but in general as in life, you can never, We are always on the move and those instructors who do not believe the guys who have nothing more to learn only do harm to our beloved sport.

Champion Muay Thai Thepnimit Sitmonchai, IN TOUR