Pozzuoli, and he played the South Italian ASC Championship – FIMT in Muay Thai, organized, perfectly by Maestro Rosario Schiano of Pro-Fighting Campi Flegrei, I have to say.. A real Entertainment, see lots of fun, Race training, Technical and above all love and passion for this fantastic art Marziale..la Muay Thai. see so many kids from different schools, try their hand in the ring and after playing together, see athletes and teachers from various regions of central and southern Italy, giving sports battle in the ring and immediately help, talk about exchanging opinions in a relaxed and taking pictures together.. Athletes also see the same gym, that final lie against each other, give everything in the ring and eventually return home together helping each other.. what can I say more.. this is the true sportsman and martial spirit of Muay Thai.. I wanted to thank all the Masters, athletes, Referees Organizers Judges, Staff , Mauro Bassett President Fimta, that allowed all this spectacle, I wanted to thank all the guests present, but above all I want to thank the whole team of the Pro-Fighting Campano.. all united x help. referees, Judges, all the technical staff of the Pro-Fighting and especially the more than 25 Athletes of the Pro-Fighting Club Napoli, followed today as Coach by a magnificent staff.. or by the instructors and Pro Athletes Luca Donadio, Daniele Iodice and Maestro Decio Easter, joined the other athletes of the Pro-Fighting Capri- Campi Flegrei- Pomigliano, a huge group 😀 . I'm really proud of all, these Athletes have shown much value, giving themselves and giving us a lot of fun and satisfaction. A special thought goes especially to small Athletes, our future, really exciting to see them compete, and the Athletes of full contact, that with hard work over the past months all had great satisfaction, winning all the first place and one 2nd place… What could I ask for more 😀
A particular dimension goes to Maestro Rosario Schiano, Organizer of this event who has worked tirelessly for many months, committing so much, making sure that everyone had the best of this race, Thanks for everything Rosario.