IFMA KIDS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, 30 agosto  2016  tre finali per i tre nostri ultimi alfieri


Logbook, IFMA KIDS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, 30 August 2016 three finals for three of our last bearers.

A big day began with the signing of collaboration with UNESCO and IFMA presentation of the day against violence against women with the UNITED NATIONS UN auspices

The official invitation to the Muay Thai live in the evening closes with a great show that advice everyone to see

The great achievement of the national FIMT NEW GENERATION leading home 1 Gold 2 silvers ,and 4 bronzes that could increase tomorrow night 31 with our runner-wai kru Gaia a great achievement due to 'commitment of the whole team by coach Diego Voltolin , Roger Dascanio and the contribution made by their assistant Alessandro Catozzi from our international referee Rodolfo Meoni which is being announced that will enter the official Team of the IFMA referees

The manager David Carlot team and to all supporters ,accompanying the FIMT ITALY teams have managed to blend well and find great understanding

And our president Mauro Bassetti that every day more the striving to bring FIMT TOWARDS THE CONI

first match, facebook Gianluca, He meets a strong US who already had beaten a thai.

Gianluca strong part, dominating again all distance and winning three rounds in a beautiful match.

second match, Stanislav Dascanio, after forty seconds, where Stas was going very well, these underwent a knee to the abdomen,

The referee began the count to two and interrupted the match, judging the child is not able to continue.

third match, Caique Ricci.

Blows to the face, not at all intimidated, Caique continues to grind on long shots, suffering only actions in the clinch.

The count who undergoes the first places him at a disadvantage shooting.

Two other round where the strong Italian hits hard at the medium and long where the New Zealander towers in the clinch, match lost.

We bring home still another two silvers and a GOLD.


IFMA KIDS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, 30 August 2016 three finals for three of our last bearers