Diario di bordo, 29-08-2016  IFMA KIDS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Bangkok



Another field day for the Italian team, Today we have seen engaged well 5 Athletes.
The first, Vito Antonicelli, meets a strong Thai opponent, vito part very well, moves, strikes and not by landmarks.
The opponent in the first round delivers a strong knee to the body which then affects the yield in later rounds.
Custom match, the little Vito showed a big heart.
According match Gianluca Franzosi against an Australian, gianluca immediately shows higher on all distances and won the three rounds to the rhythm of a turbo compressor.
third match, Stanislav Dascanio, the last long match, thirty seconds, the thai opponent was very strong, Stas and put in trouble’ with powerful knee strikes to the body.
Just in the course of such action, in clinch, thai gave a knee to the head Stas, result, disqualification of strong thai and our standard bearer flies into final.
The thai rules here apply the, misconduct, also unintentional, you pay!!!!
fourth match, Franco facebook, against another Thai. Another thrilling match, the long average, Franco nn has nothing to envy to thai, winning for supremacy in the clinch.
For our last damsel, Gaia Amantini, Unfortunately, the match is interrupted in the first round, Gaia can not’ expressing its great quality against the strong thai.
For her l’ impact with a match including the blows to the face and’ It was emotionally strong. Tomorrow the final!!!


Logbook, 29-08-2016 IFMA KIDS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Bangkok